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a piece of mind

Hi women, for some women who don’t understand why a man can fall in love, maybe here I can explain something. If you know your man well enough you will know that not all men see women physically. It’s true who doesn’t like to see beauty, an ideal body, nice hair, and fair skin. but there are things that make it meaningless and defeated by the personality of the woman herself.
Over the years I have known many male friends, gentlemen in this regard, they always like women’s sexiness because they are intelligent, can discuss constructively, have feminine power-remember tenderness is a strength for women, both in speech and attitude. Don’t think the arches of your eyebrows, or filler injections in your nose, or the styles of clothes you keep buying, or your body offerings are things that always attract interest. aim at it for your own pleasure. but not to make yourself loved by men.
Don’t ask why a man can love a woman who you think is ugly, but ask yourself and look in the mirror, why can’t you be loved and win a man’s heart. maybe it’s not your environment that is wrong but you are looking in the wrong mirror and can’t judge yourself as other people see you. maybe your friends don’t tell the truth about you but they only take advantage of you by not giving good and true advice.

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